What Is Sexual Freedom?

. . . each of us travels the freedom road in order to live whole, holy lives

by Malachi Grennell and Robin Gorsline

This question arose out of our regular weekly editorial conference. We often have some pretty deep conversations as we ponder the inevitable question, “What shall we write about this week?”


As we talked about some current reading and events, we began to reflect on what it means to be sexually free, and it quickly became our focus. And as we talked, we realized that given our various particularities, we might have very different things to share.

Hence, this blog is really in three parts.

Freedom looks different for each of us (and that is true for all of us, not just Malachi and Robin). Paul wrote in Galatians 5:1,” For freedom Christ has set us free.” For us, as Christians, that means each of us travels the freedom road in order to live whole, holy lives. And the freedom we find, the freedom we receive from God and make work in our own lives, is valid and righteous and beautiful, so long as it honors the freedom of others, so long as it encourages and sustains the freedom of others. Indeed, freedom is meant to grow.

We hope you will read both. And share your thoughts, too.

We Want to Hear from You! Help Make this a Conversation!

What do you think? What is your idea of, or relationship with, sexual freedom? Please share below (or at the individual sites for Malachi’s and Robin’s personal stories), or write Malachi and/or Robin at the emails listed.

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